Directors Desk

Welcome to Guardian High School & Junior College ...

I deeply acknowledge the efforts put in by our trained educators where each child is accepted and appreciated for his/her uniqueness, nurtured and nourished to completeness of growth and maturity to the extent of exemplifying it in noble thoughts and genuine deeds amplifying his/her existence.

A warm, welcoming and a wondrous environment greets the child making his/her stay for those vital hours of schooling, happy, easy and productive with learning outcome to the optimum as the child is placed in a relaxed atmosphere to exercise his will and be confident.

Our educators show one-on-one attention to make your child feel important and extract the best out of him/her and enable him/her to make a difference highlighting the exquisite persona in him/her.

We are of a firm belief that a team is a single body that brings together independent personalities, which alone can do a lot, but together can achieve more. Our students coming from different background enjoy the oneness and benefit from this cultural diversity broadening their perspective and we ensure a comfortable coexistence in the working team as class mates and school mates.

We seize every opportunity to instilin each individual child a love for learning that can be nurtured and empowered to grow into something truly beautiful.

What an honour, privilege, and responsibility; what a gift the Almighty has entrusted us with!


Handling small children, taking care of their needs physically, intellectually, Socially and Emotionally, having a sensible understanding of their sensitivity and furnishing their growing curiosity with genuineness in every aspect of their schooling is a responsibility beyond words where the key qualities such as - Knowledge and Awareness, Patience and Tolerance, Alertness and Presence of Mind, Sensitivity and Sensibility and Competency and Compatibility play a vital role in moulding the tender minds.

Guardian High School & Junior College prides over its potential staff taking initiative over the concerns, setting out targets impossible to reach as they believe in aiming at the sky to have the sparkling stars crowning their successful attempts. Nothing can be a more concrete evidence of jubilation than the school achieving 100% results in the first batch in the academic year, 2018-19.

Quality and Qualification are the two criterias on which the Staff is recruited. Opportunities for the Staff to grow, excel and be competent over the years, is given through Workshops, Training Sessions, Competitions and Contests for them to upgrade themselves and be proactive. A well-equipped teacher can alone make well-equipped students (academically or non-academically), is our firm belief.