"Where Minds Meet, Ideas Flash",

And that is what, our well equipped Library which is rich with intellectuals, explorers , inventors and leaders, offer our ambitiously aspiring students to groom themselves to reach towering heights of impeccable incredibility, by providing a sacred space for speculation and introspection, analysis and critical views, through individual and group discussions.

Science Lab

"It offers youngsters, creative and educational fun".

It is a place where students can experiment, design and build things. Students can explore and decipher the concepts, independently, individually, innovatively and interestingly...

Computer Lab

The only way in which learners can attain digital literacy is by having hands on experience with computer equipments. Drill and practice exercises are given to learners, honing numeracy and mathematical abilities by integrating computer room activities with what is happening in the classroom.

Resource Room

Guardian School that has always yearned to reach up to every child, for his/her better education". The Resource Room which is set up for their convenience is well equipped with the required sources to teach, train and guide them to progressive prosperity.

Music Room

"Music and rhythm play a vital role in the development of the students".

Music room serves as a divine intervention for the devotion and dedication to have its full reign, with vocal and instrumental music at regular paces for which we have a well equipped Music Room.


A students' healthy mental world paves way for a healthy atmosphere, for them to live in and reckon a new existence, hence we have been conducting individual and group sessions to prevent, cure and to promote mental health of our students as every Guardianite believes in the individual potential that a child is gifted with and hence strives to bridge the gap between ignorance and experience.

Campaign for Bully Free Classes, Individual Counselling for Students for Academic Upliftment, Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Session and so on. The sessions are child friendly (In the form of a story). Students are introduced to Child Helpline and Program details which are also forwarded to the parents in the form of a letter. This has changed the lives of many students towards a confident positivity and assured their parents a progressive future making it possible for Guardian School to render Inclusive Education.