About Us

A unit of Kasturi Charitable Trust

Guardian Schools with a tranquilizing spirit are a centre of joy,with the beauteous forms of Nature, for calmer pleasures, collaterally attached to each and every aspect of the students’ learning activity.

They facilitate a classroom atmosphere that is a perfect place to begin asking questions about who you are, who you want to become, and where you belong in the world.

Earnestly pursuing the holistic approach, Guardian Schools prepare the students for the upcoming challenges of life imbibing in them the cultural values enabling them to know their roots and instilling in them the unquenched thirst for extensive and empirical knowledge.

Guardian Schools aim atassisting you in succeeding beyond your wildest dreams, enabling you open your mind to new ideas and inspiring you to take on new challenges with your own efforts to make sure the fear of failure doesn’t over power you and you move on with an indomitable spirit clasping within your eager palms the radiance of the sun.

50+ Certified Teachers
2500+ Students
10+ Courses